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Helping you meet your financial needs is our FIRST priority

At Carolina Retirement Planners we believe one can only have true financial confidence when one knows without a doubt they have a comprehensive financial strategy. We also understand people need an ongoing advocate to help guide them through life’s unexpected and inevitable turns.

We help our clients understand what their wealth represents to them: freedom, choices, stability, and an independent lifestyle and how they can make the choices that are best for themselves and their loved ones.

"I tend to look at things with a different mindset, and with perhaps more skepticism, than many who have spent their lives in the financial industry. As an engineer, I love numbers, but the best part of my job is working with the numbers as I create a strategy with my clients--to help them feel more confident."
- David Shucavage, President and CEO

At Carolina Retirement Planners we work with our client's to help them take control of their financial future through education and the creation of a comprehensive financial strategy that is designed to help them with critical areas of retirement planning, including:

  • Retirement Income & Social Security Maximization Planning
  • Tax Efficient Strategies
  • Investment & Risk Management Strategies
  • Emergency Planning
  • Estate & Legacy Planning

As an independent financial services firm, held to the fiduciary standard, we have a responsibility to help our clients make the strongest financial decisions for themselves and their loved ones. At Carolina Retirement Planners we work hard to bring you financial strategies that are designed to put you on the path to the retirement lifestyle you want.

Discover what it means to have a personal financial guide working with you, to help you make the strongest financial decisions for you and your loved ones.Discover what it means to have confidence in your retirement.

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