Meet The Team

Meet Brenda Armstrong

Executive Assistant David’s executive assistant, I am your “go-to” person and always here to help you.

My journey to the financial industry began with a degree in marketing and computer science from Franklin University in Ohio. There and throughout my 20s, I also indulged my love of art and painting. I mention this because one of my classmates in art was Mary Ellen Withrow, treasurer of the United States from 1994-2001. At that time, neither of us was focused on finance. Years later, I was lucky enough to run into her and renew our friendship.

I spent a number of years working for Parker Hannifin in advertising and followed that as a marketing representative for computer programmers whose main clients were the U.S. government and research centers.

After my daughter left the nest to begin her own family, I moved to Wilmington and, in 2006, joined Carolina Retirement Planners. I became life and health insurance licensed so I could better serve our clients and to help me master the complicated paperwork often required by our clients' plans.

When I'm not helping you create your own personal Camelot, I can usually be found enjoying a good book by my own Avalon — the koi pond I built at my home — surrounded by my cats, Merlyn, Gwenna and Sir Lance.