Retirement Planning in Today’s Economy | March 23

For individuals and couples between the ages of 50 and 75. Join us at UNCW, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship | 803-G South College Road Wilmington, NC 28403.

Local-area Baby-Boomers: if you are heading for retirement or have already retired, you’re invited to attend this informative class held at UNCW, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. With longer life spans, sweeping regulation changes in taxes and Social Security, rising health care costs, and a swift-changing market, planning for retirement has changed drastically.

If you’re ready to re-think your retirement, we’d love for you to join us when we’ll present Retirement Planning in TODAY’S Economy. There is no registration fee if you sign up here, plus we’ll include a comprehensive, 185-page hardbound workbook. Seating is limited. We can help you build your own plan towards reaching your retirement goals.

There will be a 1.5-hour break for lunch at 12 pm